Fon tribe, Benin

Height : 25,5 cm    Age : 20th century

Materials :
wood, metal locks, fabrics, ropes, shells, magic substances etc.

Vodun (in Fons’ and Evs’ language means ghost – sometimes written as Vudun, Vodon Voodoo) is original religion of inhabitants of southern cost of West Africa. It’s widely practiced by numerous tribes in Southeastern Ghana, Southern and Central Togo and Benin and in Nigeria (under different name). In those cultures, everyone is eligible to absorb god’s power via mediator- Bocio statue.  This expression could be translated as “corpse carrying god’s breath.” Bocio statues are used for eliminating disasters, illnesses and evil’s power. The locks are used for locking the energy inside in fetish or sealing up the agreed deals. The object is covered by thick incrusted layer of sacrificial substances  and it is delivered together with tailored made rack.

Provenience :
Private collection (Great Britain)

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